About me

Salvatore Carannante is a pianist, composer, and sound designer. His main musical expression is orchestral music, both in its pure form but also in combination with electronic and experimental elements. Salvatore writes music in numerous genres ranging from classic to experimental music, for small and large ensembles.

Born in Naples (Italy), where he studied at the Conservatory graduating first in Piano and then in Electronic Music and New Technologies.

As Sound Designer, his sound projects aim to convert some common objects into musical instruments, and he is often looking for environments with particular acoustic reflections in which he plays these instruments, following the human-instruments-environment interaction.

My Studio


  • Makie XR 824 8″ Studio Monitor
  • M-Audio Bx5a 5″ Studio Monitor
  • M-Audio Bx subwoofer 10″
  • Steinberg UR44C
  • Digital Piano Casio PX200
  • Presonus Faderport 8 controller
  • Custom 8 faders controller
  • Intel i7-7700k
  • 32 Gb Ram
  • 1 Tb samsung M.2 nvme; 2 Tb samsung ssd


The majority of the sounds used by SalCaran are bespoke custom samples that have been created to suit his needs.
SalCaran also uses a number of commercial sample libraries from companies such as: Cinematic Studio Series, Spitfire Audio, CineSamples, Native Instruments, etc…